v. tried, try•ing,
1) to attempt to do or accomplish:
Try running a mile a day[/ex]
2) to test the effect or result of (often fol. by out):
tried a new recipe[/ex]
3) to endeavor to evaluate by experiment or experience:
to try a new field[/ex]
4) to sample, taste, or test, as in order to evaluate
5) law to examine and determine judicially, esp. to determine the guilt or innocence of (a person)
6) to put to a severe test; subject to strain, as of endurance:
trying one's patience[/ex]
7) to attempt to open (a door, window, etc.) in order to find out whether it is locked
8) to melt down (fat, blubber, etc.) to obtain the oil; render (usu. fol. by out)
9) archaic to determine the truth or right of (a quarrel or question) by test or battle
10) to make an attempt or effort; strive:
You must try harder[/ex]
11) phv try on, to put on (an article of clothing) in order to judge its appearance and fit
12) phv try out
a) phv to test
b) phv to compete for a position or role, as by taking part in a test or trial
13) an attempt or effort
14) spo a score of usu. four points in rugby earned by advancing the ball to or beyond the opponent's goal line
Etymology: 1250–1300; ME trien to try (a legal case) < AF trier, OF: to sift, cull usage: The phrase try and is often used where try to is expected: Try and stop me. Though try and is found in all levels of speech and writing, it is sometimes considered inappropriate in formal contexts.

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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